Four nuns reveal their sins in Heaven – Maria’s dirty secret makes everyone gasp

There are many popular subjects when it comes to dirty jokes; blondes, teachers, priests, police, lewd situations – and nuns. The latter group is known for being quite prudish, but that’s seldom the case in the world of jokes.

This funny story is about 4 hilarious nuns who die and go to Heaven – and the last line made me double over with laughter!

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Funny story

A bus full of nuns falls of a cliff and they all die. They arrive at the gates of Heaven and meet St. Peter.

St. Peter says to them, “Sisters, welcome to Heaven. In a moment I will let you all though the Pearly Gates, but before I may do that, I must ask each of you a single question. Please form a single-file line.”

And they do so.

St. Peter turns to the first nun in line, Elsa, and asks her, “Sister, have you ever seen a penis?”

Elsa replies, “Well, there was this one time… that I kinda sorta… saw one out of the corner of my eye…”

St. Peter says, “I see. Okay sister, now dip your head in the Holy Water with your eyes open, and you may be admitted.”

She does so, and is let into Heaven.

St. Peter now turns to the second nun, Aurora, and says, “Sister, have you ever touched a penis?”

“Well…. there was this one time… that I held one for a moment…”

“Alright sister, now just wash your hands in the Holy Water, and you may be admitted.”

She does so, and is let into Heaven.

Cuts in line

Now at this, there is a noise, a jostling in the line. It seems that one nun is trying to cut in front of another!

St. Peter sees this and asks the nun, “Sister Maria, what is this? There’s no rush!”

Sister Maria replies, “Well, if I’m going to have to gargle this stuff, I’d rather do it before Sister Susan sticks her ass in it!”

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