Dirty joke: Lenny uses desperate trick to have sex with his wife – her comeback is gold

Things don’t always go the way you want them to. When disaster strikes, you’ve got to think outside the box. It’s easy to get lost in a spiral of defeatism, but that road leads nowhere. Be positive and try to think of creative solutions, and you’ve won half the battle!

This funny story is a brilliant example of just that. Lenny really wants to get it on with his wife, but is having some trouble with his little fellow. His creative solution is nothing short of genius…

Lenny and Elsa are an elderly couple who have been happily married for 40 years. However, lately they were having some trouble in the bedroom. The reason why is simple: at his age, Lenny had a hard time keeping his soldier at full salute.

But he wasn’t one to give up easily, and he was a creative man who was always looking to solve any problems he came across.


One passionate evening

One Friday evening, after a delicious dinner and some red wine, they were both really in the mood for a roll in the hay.

The passion started to heat up, and they got down to business. However, Lenny had some trouble getting it in.

After a few failed attempts, he went out in the hallway and fetched a small shoehorn. He went back into the bedroom, put his wrinkly member on the shoehorn and slowly and carefully inserted it.

Then one of the ovaries said to the other:
“This has got to be the last time; now it’s coming in on a stretcher!”

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