Wife buys crotchless panties to spice things up with her husband – his reaction is priceless

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your love life interesting and varied when you’ve been with the same partner for many years. But there are solutions to this problem. This woman tried one of them, but her husband’s reaction was not at all what she had expected…

Maria had been married to Jeff for 20 years. They had a great relationship, but lately there hadn’t been much action in the bedroom.

So in order to spice up their sex life, Maria had just bought a pair of crotchless panties. She was eager to revealing them to him – she’d never worn anything like this before.

One evening, they were sitting on the sofa watching TV, and Maria was wearing her new panties and a robe.

Spreads her legs

She leans back, her crotch visible to her husband, but at first he doesn’t notice anything.

Maria spreads her legs every so slightly, and her husband’s gaze immediately darts between her legs. She closes her legs, and her husband goes back to watching TV.

She spreads her legs again, this time a bit wider, and once again his eyes wander to her crotch, and she closes her legs again.

“What are you wearing under the robe?” the man asks.

“Crotchless lace panties,” Maria replies in a sultry tone.

Her husband says:
“Phew! For a while there I though you were sitting on the cat!”

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