Family builds classic Ford Mustang completely out of snow – didn’t expect police’s clever response

Being part of the police force is a difficult job every day of the week, they must protect us, the citizens – and every time I have been in contact with a law officer, I have received a professional and pleasant response.

Of course, there are a few “rotten eggs” in every profession, but policemen and policewomen, I think, deserve as much respect as they can get. Their job is vital and I am impressed with how they can keep us safe despite all the horrors they witness.

A key factor is to have a good sense of humor – like Nebraska State Patrol Sergeant Mick Downing.

It had snowed tremendously in the state of Nebraska, so Jason Blundell, 43, and his two teenage children, Shelby and Spencer, took the chance to create something out of all the snow close to their house.

The police paid a visit

Together, they built a Mustang – a Life-Size white Ford Mustang. The creation took five hours to complete – and then became a nice attraction in the neighborhood, according to Ladbible.

car out of snow
Image source: SWNS / Ladbible

One day, however, the police officer Mick Downing showed up. He’s a friend of Jason – and had seen their impressive build on Facebook. So he decided to play a prank on his friend. The Sergeant stepped out of his car and put a note on the Mustang’s “windshield”.

It stated that the car had to be moved within 24 hours – otherwise it would be towed at the owner’s cost.

Mustang out of snow
Image source: SWNS / Ladbible

Afterward, everyone got a good laugh from the policeman’s clever joke – and of course, the snow creation was left to disappear naturally.

This was a wholesome experience and I must also confess, that snow car is an incredible piece of art. What a talented family!

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