3 elderly men sneak on stage, now watch as they turn around and make the crowd go wild

Funny and unexpected performances can really put you in a good mood. Especially when it’s someone you know who does it – I absolutely love a good surprise.

The video clip below is simply brilliant. And I’m not the only one thinking that way – more than 11 million people have broken out in smiles when watching this amazing show!

The crowd has gathered in a Californian retirement home, and is tensely waiting for 3 elderly gentlemen. On this day, anyone is allowed to put on a performance – and these men have promised something extra.

Suddenly, the three men look out from behind the curtain. Dramatic music starts playing as they slowly make their way onto the stage. They walk bent-over with aching backs (at least that’s what they want you to believe), but the crowd suspects something is up since the gentlemen are wearing matching clothes: white t-shirts, black pants, white socks and black shoes.

Then they laboriously lift their legs and turn their back to the expectant crowd.

But suddenly, the music changes – and the show switches into high gear! The gentlemen on stage do something that causes the crowd to cheer, applaud and break out in laughter. This is some impressive stuff, they really must have put in a lot of effort to learn this routine!

Now watch the clip below! Like I mentioned, it has a slow start, but I promise that it’s worth watching until the end! These fellows are living proof that age is just a number!

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