Annie plays her favorite song while driving – just keep an eye on the back seat for the reaction

Dogs are a lot like us humans in many respects. They have emotions and can even appreciate music.

Studies have shown that, for example, classical music has a calming effect on stressed dogs, the same as it is for people!

However, Lola the dog seems to enjoy classic rock music – something that Annie managed to capture perfectly!

To like music is not something unique to us people – it also applies to man’s best friend.

Lowers stress levels

At shelters for abandoned dogs, it is not uncommon to play classical music for them, as it lowers their stress levels, according to studies.

Music also helps dogs to block other sounds, which in some cases can be scary and stressful, such as thunder and fireworks.

Likes the classics

But dogs can also appreciate “louder” music – such as classic rock, like Queen.

It’s one of Queen’s classics that Annie plays in the car where the dog Lola is sleeping in the back seat. Until the song’s chorus comes up.

I’m not gonna tell you everything that happens but oh what beautiful voice Lola has!

Annie plays her favorite song while driving - keep an eye on for the reaction in the back seat

Lola made my day, taking the lead of this karaoke session. Press the share button so your friends can hear Lola’s wonderful voice!