Baby tries hearing aid for the first time – now watch the reaction when older sister whispers 2 words

Baby tries hearing aid for the first time – now watch the reaction when older sister whispers 2 words

Children with disabilities are masters of learning ways to overcome the challenges in everyday life, without letting their weaknesses get in the way of their goals.

Many times it’s the ones who love them who restrict their growth. Of course, it’s not on purpose, but letting the kid explore the world will help them understand and adapt to their own circumstances.

It‘s also interesting to see how children react when they encounter new things – whether they have a disability or not. Usually, it’s clearer when there are obstacles to get around, but it can also lead to jaw-dropping discoveries.

Carol Dianne Benjamin knew her daughter Scarlet had impaired hearing. Not sure to what extent, but the family suspected that the disability was grave. After a while, however, they got the opportunity to test a hearing aid for the first time, according to CBS News.

An astounding success

They hoped that the device would give a clearer picture of the situation – would Scarlet respond similarly to sound with the hearing aid, or would an entirely new world open up to the girl?

No one knew, but it was an astounding success!

Little girl hearing aid

When the baby tests the hearing aid, her big sister starts saying “baby sister” repeatedly. What happens next is hard to describe!

Her reaction is priceless! There is no doubt that this is the first time that little Scarlet can really hear her family talk to her. The whole thing will melt your heart, and put a big fat smile on your face – I, therefore, sit here while trying not to cry from the amazing clip!

This is about as wonderful as life gets! What an incredible joy!

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Wonderful! What a joy is to see this girl finally being able to hear – and her laughter is super contagious! Now press SHARE if you got a smile from watching the clip!