This bird dances to riverdance every night – the spectacular clip is spreading like wildfire online

If you are a bird-lover, and you like happy and funny animals. You are going to love this beautiful and energetic bird. Especially when it hears its favorite music.

This blue and white feathered lovebird has an impressive feeling for music and even better dance moves. He loves the Irish songs his dad plays for him — and shows it by jumping up and down.

Bird dances to Riverside

This bird’s music taste is surprising. He also learned these moves by himself, although its dad was, of course, the one who understood that his bird loved music and, above all songs, Riverdance. The blue and white bird is quite talented!

bird dances to Riverdance every night 1

This species is called Lovebird because they live in monogamous relationships that always last a lifetime, according to the site Sun Gazing. Even if this wasn’t the case, the name is still quite appropriate. Especially for this little fella!

Nothing like it

His sense of rhythm and ability to give smiles makes it warm and brilliant.

bird dances to Riverdance every night 2

Now check out this clip – where the music, while old, is still very catchy to this day – and it made thousands of people feel alive. I’ve never seen anything like it! A bird that dances to Riverdance every night has to be a first!

And it does it every night — talk about a wonderful routine!

I can’t get tired of watching this clip over and over!

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