Cockatoo sees dad coming home from work – now watch his reaction

I remember when I was little and used to wait for my parents to come home from work.

The joy and excitement of seeing my mom and dad again after even just a few hours was a big deal for me — and apparently animals are no different.

But I think maybe this pet cockatoo loves his owner more than any other animal I’ve seen.

When we spend time away from the people we love, seeing them again feels like a treat. And it doesn’t matter whether we miss our loved ones or think about them when they’re away, I think subconsciously we really miss them and seeing them again makes us realize how much we hold them dear.

This phenomenon isn’t just limited to humans, either. Animals have also been seen showing the same amount of excitement when they see their humans after some time apart.

I think many people have seen videos of dogs welcoming their owners home after work — the excitement and happiness is incomparable.

Amazing parrot

That is, until you meet the cockatoo Onni. This bird really loves welcoming his owner home after a day away.

His excitement is pretty hard to miss. In the video below, Onni is clearly ecstatic and bounces by the window. And that’s not all…

In the middle of the video, you can see what happens when Onni’s owner finally comes through the door — Onnis’s loving welcoming is just adorable.

What a sweet and affectionate Cockatoo Onni is. He really made my day! Don’t hesitate to share if you this video also put a smile on your face.