Dad asks cockatoo if she loves him – the bird's comeback is hilarious

Dad asks cockatoo if she loves him – the bird’s comeback is hilarious

A pet can give you a lot of laughter and there are few things better than seeing it genuinely happy.

Pets can react when they think something is funny, even if they may not laugh straight away like us humans.

Pebble, the cockatoo, is the perfect example of this, just an amazing pet.

Having a pet is like having an extra family member. Someone to argue with, to joke with, and to rely on during hard times.

Pure happiness

It also means having someone to laugh with – which is exactly what Pebble, the bird, and his owner do.

In a clip that has been seen by over seven million people, Pebble charms their viewers with its wholesome character.

Some animals, such as birds, may prefer to be out in the open, but Pebble happiness is a hard thing to miss on this video.

Dad asks Pebble if she loves him

In the clip, we can see Pebble and her dad sitting on the couch and talking when he asks Pebble if she loves him.

See her wonderful answer in the clip below.

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Surely it is impossible not to smile after seeing the video?

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