Dad & 2 daughters rush into the living room – now watch the family's reaction when he turns around

Dad & 2 daughters rush into the living room – now watch the family’s reaction when he turns around

There are different opinions about what makes someone a good parent. Making sure your children are safe is probably the most common answer, another may be to make sure they are having fun and enjoying themselves during festivities. So they don’t get bored.

This shouldn’t be underestimated although it can still happen sometimes.

However, if we want a good example, I believe this dad (below) deserves the title of “Father of the Year”, with the show he put on this Christmas.

He did it alongside his daughters – and their majestic dance in the living room has now being cheered by millions of people online.

What an amazing family!

The father is Steve Haddad, and he lives in the state of Michigan. Over the past year, he’s become an internet sensation. It all started when he and his daughters surprised friends and relatives with a special dance on Christmas Eve.

Unexpected — a show out of the ordinary!

A really likable dad

The father shows his girls, a big lesson on self-confidence and attitude. It’s a great combination! They dance to Beyoncé’s big hit “Single Ladies”. In the original music video, this world renown artist is wearing a tight leotard — and so Steve wouldn’t shy away from the challenge.

Dad and daughters dance

This is really a likable dad – such a showman!

His wife immediately picked up the phone and filmed the whole thing — people have watched the clip over 35 million times online. Some parts of Steve’s choreography synchronize really well, and the family seems to be having a blast!

Check out this wonderful video clip!

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