Dog is supposed to guard the sheep – what he does instead has the internet in fits of laughter

Dog is supposed to guard the sheep – what he does instead has the internet in fits of laughter

Shepard dogs are the best. Their ability to control and lead groups shows how smart they are.

However, some dogs are simply not suited for herding. Just like this lovely pup.

When his guardian came out to check how it was going, he couldn’t stop laughing. The little devil had a completely different plan.

He was expecting something else. His little dog, he thought, was perfect to keep an eye on the sheep outside and organize them if needed.

A warm heart

It’s a wonderful opportunity for a dog to run around outside and help with the flock. But things didn’t go as planned.

Not a herding dog
YouTube / ViralHog

His dog had a warm heart and loved to make friends with everyone. But he never imagined it would be this bad. The man came out to the field, and couldn’t see his dog herding or keeping an eye on the flock.

But on top of a sheep lying down, he saw something brown.

Not a herding dog 2
YouTube / ViralHog

The dog was not very interested in herding sheep. He would rather spend time with his new friends relaxing and chilling.

Shepard dogs help to keep the sheep safe and move them between spots. They bark and run around to keep the flock in check — and through mere eye contact with the sheep, these dogs will point them in the right direction.

Feel free to stay

Dogs are also very energetic. But this pup missed that memo.

Not a herding dog 3
YouTube / ViralHog

Even when the sheep stands up and starts walking, the dog remains on the comfy bed that is the back of this sheep.

He must have a wonderful personality since the animal doesn’t seem to mind, as he more than gladly stays when they begin to move.

Not a herding dog 4
YouTube / ViralHog

This pup really knows how to enjoy life — and it’s amazing to see his close friendship with the sheep!

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