Door to cat’s favorite room is closed – now the kitty’s ingenious reaction has thousands laughing

When I was a kid, we had a cat called Smokey. He was a special kind of cat, and he was always up to something strange. He loved to drink water out of the kitchen sink tap, and he always sat with us when we ate – and didn’t even beg for food!

I’ll always miss Smokey. Sometimes, you would lose sight of him for a while, only to find him perched in a tree in the yard. However, he was a little scared of heights, so you’d often have to help him down or he’d be stuck there for ages.

He did seem to enjoy it though, because the next day he’d be sitting in the same tree again!

Cats are amazing creatures with their own quirks, and they often have very distinct personalities. Pretty quickly, you notice what they like and what makes them happy. It’s just like with people – every kitty is unique in their own way.

And when it comes to overcoming obstacles and solving problems, some are more skilled than others. We taught Smokey to fetch the morning paper, something our neighbors had claimed was impossible. But he did it anyway, just like a dog! Things didn’t always go according to plan, but surprisingly often you’d find the morning paper lying on the breakfast table.

Things go so-and-so – but then…

Some cats are simply little geniuses.

Just watch the cutie in the clip below. The door to his favorite cozy nook is closed shut. But this is one determined tomcat – and what is a closed door but an obstacle to be overcome?

Source: YouTube

Just watch how Ron the cat solves his conundrum! At first, things go so-and-so. But in the end, he breaks into his nook and lays down for a cozy nap. This cat deserves a medal for ingenuity!

This is really impressive – I can’t help but smile when I see this!

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