Family brings newborn baby home, the bird's unexpected reaction is like nothing you've heard

Family brings newborn baby home, the bird’s unexpected reaction is like nothing you’ve heard

Parrots are known for their amazing ability to imitate voices, sounds and behaviors. It’s incredible to see how quick they can learn to do new things. They’re much smarter than most people think!

The bird in this video is an amazing example of just that. I couldn’t believe my ears when I saw what he did next!

Back when I was growing up, our neighbor had a friendly cockatoo. He was called Morgan, and he always greeted us with “hello hello” and “how do”. I loved visiting them and hearing the bird try to join in our conversations.

Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated by birds and their amazing ability to learn new things and imitate behaviors. They’re incredibly smart – and throughout the years, more and more videos have popped up of birds using tools and solving problems. Sometimes you can even have conversations with them!

A beautiful parrot in the wild. Source: Pixabay

Can’t believe my ears

The family in this clip had just brought their newborn baby home. As you know, babies cry quite often, and that’s just something that you learn to tolerate as a parent.

However, the family’s parrot had quite an unusual reaction to the new sound. When I first played this clip, I just couldn’t believe my ears. This is just crazy!

This clip has been seen by more than 2 million viewers – and it’s easy to see why!

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