She feeds porcupine with a cob of corn, now the clip is going viral on the internet

It’s not every day that you see a porcupine. They mostly prefer to stay away from humans, but there are some who buck the trend.

Porcupines are generally wild, but it is possible to tame and domesticate them as pets. One such example is Teddy Bear, who has become something of an online celebrity.

Teddy Bear is cared for by Zooniversity, an organization that teaches children about wild animals. Teddy sometimes travels to different schools to meet the kids, and he loves the attention. But the children have to be careful not to hurt themselves on his sharp quills!


But Teddy has a unique ability. He can talk! At least it sure sounds like it – and millions of viewers on the Internet agree.

Just listen to him when his mommy feeds him a cob of corn and asks if he wants to share. His reply? No way, he wants it all for himself! Not only that, but 45 seconds into the clip, it sounds exactly like he’s saying “I like that”!

Watch the amazing clip below and listen carefully to his reply, and then you’ll see why more than 8 million viewers have learned to love Teddy the porcupine!

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