Grandma reveals unique trick to fold fitted sheets, now her hilarious method is praised across the world

I think most of us know the pain of trying to fold fitted bed sheets. You just can’t wrap your head around how to handle their strange shape, and it seems just about impossible make them fit neatly into a closet or a drawer.

You usually end up with a big wrinkly mess that you just shove away somewhere until the next time you need it.

But have no fear, hilarious grandma Terri Metz can relate to your fitted sheet woes. That’s why she decided to post this video about her ingenious home-made technique. Her brilliant method is now spreading across the world – and hundreds of thousands of people are cheering and laughing.

The video starts out quite innocently. Terri opens by telling us just how much she hates folding fitted sheets.


Then the grandma starts showing her home-made technique. She lays the sheet on the ground, and puts each of her feet into one corner.

Can’t hold it in

Then Terri hooks her arms into the two remaining corners, and proceeds to lie down spread-eagle. Then things get really interesting!


I won’t reveal too much of what happens, but the person filming just can’t hold in her laughter!

The clip is now spreading across the Internet like wildfire, and people from all over the world are laughing out loud at Terri’s unconventional folding technique, which is funnier than it is practical.

This woman is an absolute genius!

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