Grandma accidentally gets stuck behind the dryer, now the funny video is spreading like wildfire

We all need some help from our family and friends every now and then, especially when it comes to moving heavy objects. Usually you’d treat your helpers to pizza, beer or some other reward. But instead, this gleeful grandma turned into a world celebrity!

Emily McDaneld was at her grandpa’s, helping him move the dryer. It had broken down a few days earlier, and Emily’s grandpa decided to fix it himself. Said and done, he corrected the problem without having to call an expensive repair man.

However, he needed some help to get the dryer into place after he was done; and that’s when the disaster struck. After they had pushed the dryer into its slot, they noticed that something wasn’t right. They had gotten grandma stuck between the dryer and the wall – with no way out!

“This just gets funnier and funnier! Our Bapa fixed the dryer but needed some help putting it back in place. Poor Gagi, she got stuck behind the dryer! Maybe not the best thought out plan ever, but sure good for some laughs. Always an adventure in the McDaneld house!” Emily says.

I can reveal that she does get out in the end, but it was only possible thanks to a gargantuan effort and two strong men! But it’s not the destination that’s important, it’s the journey there that counts.

I can’t keep from laughing at the whole situation, and the grandma’s own laughter sure is contagious!

Millions of people have already watched this video, and it’s now one of the world’s most shared clips. Scroll down and see the hilarious clumsiness for yourself, and you’ll see why!

Suddenly grandma realizes that something has gone terribly wrong – she’s completely stuck!

When she realizes their foolishness, she can’t keep from laughing… Luckily, Emily was there to catch the debacle on camera!

The whole family tries different solutions to the problem. They finally conclude that she has to climb over the dryer to get out.

The rescue operation is underway. All the while, grandma is laughing like a maniac. I love seeing them taking the situation in stride!

All’s well that ends well. Grandma made it through in one piece… But the whole thing was caught on camera, and now she’s got a memory for life!

Here’s the video that is making millions of people double over laughing:

This grandma’s laughter and hilarious way of dealing with her predicament made my day! Share if you agree!