Handler doesn’t have time to play with baby panda – his sweet reaction has the whole net laughing out loud

Often when I have a rough day, I try to find some interesting, or funny, clips online. Some videos have the power to brighten up your mood — while also giving you a good laugh.

If there is something that can get you laughing, it’s when animals end up in unexpected situations — it’s amazing to see them respond in ways one could never imagine.

Over 200 million people have seen this wonderful clip (below) from an animal shelter in China — and it’s easy to understand why!

This baby panda lives in a natural reserve, dedicated to helping endangered animals. They receive the necessary care allowing them to grow and reproduce — and then are released, slowly, back into their natural habitat, to ensure the survival of the species.

Little panda wants to play

I don’t like zoos or animals kept in captivity, but this is something else. Like I said it acts as a reserve. Occasionally visitors can get there and watch the incredible creatures, but it’s not primarily what the place is for.

Panda wants to play
Facebook / iPanda

In this clip, there is a keeper who’s fixing the food inside the pandas’ area. This baby panda wants to play, but the caretaker needs to get his work done. His job is bringing and preparing the bamboo (that pandas eat), but the black and white little devil is a handful.

panda wants to play 2
Facebook / iPanda

Peaceful animals

The attendant lifts and puts the panda out of the way, so he can work in peace, but look at the reaction of the little fella! — He’s not giving up! It’s so cute it warms my heart, it’s clear that this panda loves his keeper!

Pandas are very friendly and peaceful animals!

Panda wants to play

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