4 horses start snowball battle – but when 1 does this it’s impossible to stop laughing

Horses are fascinating animals, but also very playful and friendly.

Even though they are powerful beings, through generations they have helped humanity, and have become a very common animal to have around, right behind cats and dogs.

And so, they are friendly with other animals and used to be around lots of people, making them the perfect animals for farm and stables.

They are also extremely intelligent and fast learners. That’s why they’re easy to play with when there’s time for it — and, for example, can have fun together or on their own by playing on the field or at the stable.

Inspired by the playfulness and intelligence of horses, Budweiser made a TV commercial.

It became a big success— and has over 5 million views on Youtube.

The clip has also been shown on regular TV shows as an example of a great add.

Horse has an excellent idea

The video has a lot of effects, but at the same time, it’s done in a way you can almost believe the horses can do all those things. Very well done!

horses snowball fight 1

In the advertisement, 6 horses suddenly start playing a snowball fight — but one of the horses at the receiving end comes with an excellent idea to settle everything.

I won’t reveal more, check it for yourself (below), but I got a great laugh — and can imagine a horse doing this for real!

Such a smart, funny, and playful bunch of horses this is!

horses snowball fight

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