Kitten jumps onto the couch, now watch her right paw as her favorite song starts

Many animals are incredibly intelligent and have a fascinating ability to learn things that shouldn’t really be possible.

Since the internet is such a big part of our lives today, the cutest, smartest and most impressive animals can turn into world celebrities in the blink of an eye.

The kitten Winnie is one of these internet sensations – and no wonder! Watch the video below and you’ll see why!

Winnie used to be homeless, without anyone to love her or care for her. But one day she was taken in by a shelter – and finally got the care and warmth that every kitten deserves.

But nobody suspected just what a musical little kitten she would turn out to be. The people at the shelter had started noticing that Winnie often moved very rhythmically and loved listening to music.

Loved by millions

One of her favorite songs is the classic “Uptown Funk”. Now watch the video below as the cute kitten makes millions of hearts melt with her smooth moves!

Many people suspect that she’s being “helped” by a person behind the camera who’s moving a toy to the beat of the music. Even so, I still think that this clip is absolutely adorable!

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