Mom borrows her son’s pacifier, then he reaches forward and makes the internet roar with laughter

There’s nothing more adorable than a happy baby. They are often easy to entertain, and they can put a whole room of people in a great mood, where they’re all just beaming at each other. It’s hard not to feel all warm and fuzzy when see a toddler smile or hear them laugh.

Just take a look at the clip below. There’s nothing strange or shocking happening, but it’s still one of the most wonderful things I’ve seen in a long while!

In this clip, a proud father takes out his camera to film his wife playing with their son Penn. His mother has borrowed one of his new pacifiers and put it in her mouth, but now watch his reaction when she suddenly takes it out!

The baby just can’t stop laughing, and his laugh is incredibly contagious. I’m sitting here with a big happy grin plastered on my face while watching this – all thanks to this adorable little charmer!

Can’t stop cracking up

His Mom and Dad were both surprised by his mirthful reaction, and they have a hard time keeping from laughing. Then the little fellow experiences some trouble keeping his balance, but as soon as he sits upright again, he starts cracking up all over again!

This is just wonderful! Press play and enjoy!

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