Wife asks husband to iron the Christmas curtains – what happens when he turns around has taken the world by storm

With Christmas almost here it’s time to get the last important details ready.

Cleaning, cooking, setting up the candles, last-minute decorations and everything that makes Christmas so enjoyable.

Hanging up the Christmas curtains, usually red, white and green. Creates a cozy and calm mood for the celebration.

However, they must be ironed before — not really a fun chore. But as with everything else, someone has to do it, something that Magne Berg, a husband from Norway, understands a little too well.

When Magnes’s wife asked him to iron the Christmas curtains, he got a brilliant idea. Instead of whining and pout over it, making things worse, instead, Magne made the most out of the situation.

Praised by thousands

Magne shows off his moves during Christmas Eve, following Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano, and gets to work.

Then this talented Norwegian dances off while ironing.

His wife, knowing her cheerful husband, pulls out the camera and captures the amazing show on video. Thousands of people have seen and praised the wonderful clip below.

Husband dances off during Christmas

It’s amazing seeing people who live with the intention to, “enjoy every single moment like it was the last one!”

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