Wonderful clip: Golden retriever wants to hold hands with dad in car – now just watch when she turns around

Some of us need a little more attention and care than the rest. While some enjoy a hug now and then, there are those who depend a lot on appreciative gestures, very warm people.

I try to appreciate every moment I spend someone I like. You never know, it could be the last one — and it’s important to enjoy the gift of life.

The dog Lucy is another creature that loves attention!

She’s a golden retriever who has a hobby. Lucy absolutely loves to ride in the car, but under one condition — she has to be on the front seat. Then she loves to ride around with her owners.

Has to be on the front seat

During the ride, her owner Carissa is on the backseat while her partner drives. She picks up her phone to film her dog’s excitement, but then she sees something wonderful.

Golden retriever wants to hold hands
Picture: Facebook

Turns out that Lucy not only wants to sit on the front seat today. The bag of fluff also wants to hold hands with her human — and when the stubborn golden retriever gets what she wants, she looks back at the camera-woman with a wide smile! Look carefully, because it’s fast!

The whole thing is amazing and completely adorable!

Check out the short but beautiful clip! I’ve seen it several times, but still can’t get enough!

Golden Retriever wants to hold hands

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