Wonderful reaction: Dad tears up bill – the son’s reaction has millions in stitches

There’s nothing quite like contagious laughter. We’ve all been there – you hear or see someone having hysterical fun, and you just can’t help but start laughing as well.

I remember a few weeks ago, a woman next to me on the bus started giggling at a video that she was looking at on the phone. I struggled to keep it in for half a minute, but then I just started smiling and laughing with her, even though I hadn’t even seen the video she found so funny.

Everyday situations like that can really make your day. You can never laugh too much, and we should all try to have as much fun as possible while we can.

The clip below is a great example of hilarious, contagious laughter. I watched it at work, and suddenly several of my colleagues wanted to see what the commotion was about. Within second, they joined in with the laughing and giggling.

In the video below, the Dad filming gives his 1 year old son Micah an important bill, or a job rejection letter (there are a few different versions floating around on the Internet).

The son doesn’t give a damn about the paper, but when his Dad grabs it and tears it up… his son starts letting loose a barrage of hilarious cackles.


Adorable reaction

There’s something about paper ripping that Micah just can’t get enough of. His reaction is absolutely amazing!

This little fellow is such a fountain of joy – I dare you not to smile or laugh when looking at this clip!

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