Chubby dad recreates daughter’s sexy photos – the internet can’t stop laughing at his parodies

Today’s young people are glued to their phones and tablets. Surfing, playing, chatting and taking selfies.

Technology has, of course, made life easier in so many ways.

However, all these constant selfies and food pictures, I’ll never understand, but as long as the youngsters think it’s fun, they can get the most out of it.

But parent Burr Martin, who thought his daughter’s “selfie addiction” was out of control, decided to take matters into his own hands — and the internet loved it!

According the site Humor meets Comic.

There is no one more skilled at embarrassing their own children publicly than dads, it’s one of the last weapons left to fight when your kids reach puberty. In the grocery store, on the soccer field — and now on the internet like dad Burr Martin.

Parodies of his daughter’s selfies

He takes selfies and uploads them to the internet. Making parodies of his daughter’s most successful pictures. It started as a way to teach her a lesson, but it became so much more.

He is now being followed by over 130,000 people laughing at the dad’s funny attempt to look sexy. Below we have collected some of the funniest pictures.

1. The tattoo must show!

2. The daughter is adding color to her hair — and so is the dad

3. What a sexy dress!

4. This is a new level of embarrassment she must be feeling!

5. Who wore it better?

This father is a sensation online, his Instagram has thousands of followers, and people can’t stop laughing at his parodies!

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