Most people get these riddles wrong: Do you know the answer to this puzzling mystery?

Most people get these riddles wrong: Do you know the answer to this puzzling mystery?

I always loved riddles. I remember bringing home comics like Donald Duck which always included some clever puzzles that got my brain and mind working.

Even now, after getting older, I still think it‘s fun. To liven up, I start the homeowner association meetings by handing out a little puzzle so the other members can entertain themselves and have a little fun. It would be boring otherwise.

More important, every time my grandchildren come to visit, I try to come up with a riddle. They love it, so I have acquired several books with quizzes and riddles to keep me updated and always have something new ready to go.

Earlier today I encountered a few puzzles that I think are superb! I asked my friends to solve them – and none of them could figure out all 3 riddles on the first try.

Such weak results, I thought!

Thank you for being here! I’m certain you’ll do better, doesn‘t matter if it’s hard or simple, riddles are a fun challenge!

Riddle 1

Riddles for the soul

Now it‘s time to come up with an answer! Below the image, we will tell you the solution!

The younger brother is 16 years old! Most people think he’s 9, but half the age of 4 means there was a 2-year difference, clearly, that didn‘t change! so 18-2=16. Simple but clever.

Riddle 2

Riddles for the brain

Now again get your answer ready! Below this picture, you can find the solution!

The solution is: because the women stand with their backs against each other! It’s obvious now, right?

Riddle 3

Riddles for the mind

The final riddle, think hard! Below you will find the explanation!

The prisoner escapes in the winter when the body of water surrounding the island is frozen. He simply walks away.

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