Farmer tired of drivers parking on his property – takes matters into own hands and has internet in tears

It’s never a good experience to find yourself forced to ask the same thing over and over — everyone has been through this, someone leaves their dog waste on your door, parents letting their children do whatever they want in someone else’s house. It’d be nice if people learned to be respectful.

The farmer Pavao Bedekovic, from Croatia, had this problem. He was tired of people parking their cars on his property. They kept using his plot as a parking lot — until his patience ran out.

They didn’t listen — and so Pavao decided to do something about it!

His solution? I found it surprising, and very pleasing!

Pavao lives and works on a farm in Croatia, and although the area is quite secluded, the place is still a small city, so there are always people in the vicinity.

His neighbors arrange a flea market that often attracts a big crowd. And with the money they bring comes a problem — especially for Pavao.

Took matters into his own hands

Since many of the visitors come from far away, they have to park somewhere. And what place is better than Pavao’s empty plot? Located right next to the market.

But every time he kindly asked the owners to move their cars — they ignored him.

This situation happened every week. In the end, Pavao decided to take matters into his own hands.

Farmer revenge

Therefore, he planned his revenge.

He used his tractor on the plot of his farm — and plowed up a wall of soil around the vehicles. The result? The cars couldn’t get back to the road when the owners came back from shopping at the flea market!

It was in fact, his property

The drivers wanted to report him to the police, but because they were on Pavao’s property, it just made the revenge that much sweeter.

Farmer revenge 2

Perhaps it was too much, but I completely understand his reaction — it’s his property!

Look at the clip and judge for yourself!

farmer's revenge

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