Funny story: 18-year-old embarrasses Paul in front of the whole bar, but his genius comeback makes me blush

Funny story: 18-year-old embarrasses Paul in front of the whole bar, but his genius comeback makes me blush

Getting publicly embarrassed or getting admonished in front of a lot of people is one of the worst social experiences. I’m sure you’ve at some point had a nightmare where you’re suddenly naked in front of a lot of people. Some people are better at handling embarrassing situations than others, but it’s never easy.

This funny story is about just that, and the last line literally made me laugh out loud. Talk about priceless payback!

Paul, a middle-aged man, walked into a bar in Boston one evening. He immediately saw an attractive 18 year old blonde sitting alone at a table.

“What am I thinking, I don’t have a chance,” he thought to himself, and went to sit at the bar.

After a couple of beers however, he had built up a good amount of courage. The beautiful woman was still sitting alone, and Paul thought that he’d caught her looking his way several times.

He downed his second glass and freshened his breath with some gum. He walked over to the woman’s table and smiled at her.

“Hello, I couldn’t help noticing you sitting here, all alone. It’s more fun to have some company – do you mind if I sit down?” Paul asked.

The girl looked him up and down and replied in a loud voice, “NO, STRANGER, I DON’T WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH YOU!”

That reaction was definitely not what he had expected. Paul felt a hot flash of embarrassment as he looked around and saw the whole bar – upwards of 50 people – staring at him.

Regains his calm

He felt tense and sweaty, and he unsteadily walked away to a table in a corner and ordered another beer. After some 20 minutes, he had regained his calm thanks to a few breathing exercises. Suddenly, he noticed the woman from before walking up to his table.

She said with a laugh, “Hi again, I want to explain myself. I study psychology, and I’m writing a thesis on how men react to embarrassing situations…”

Paul looked at her, raised an eyebrow and said, “Well, lady, I study law: I know how to screw people.”

He cleared his throat, and then replied in a loud, booming voice, “300 DOLLARS FOR ONE NIGHT? I’M NOT PAYING YOU THAT MUCH!”

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