Funny story: Parking attendant finds illegally parked car with a note on the windshield

Parking attendants catch a lot of flak for what they do. I think we’ve all gotten annoyed at one time or another after getting a ticket. But in the end, you’re the one responsible for following the traffic rules.

If it weren’t for parking attendants, driving in cities would be a horrible experience. So I think we can all make an effort to show them some gratitude!

However, there are people in all professions who are simply pedantic and unpleasant. I’m sure there are parking attendants like that too, but I imagine that most of them are great people – who deserve our respect.

This funny story is about a parking attendant who is faced with an unusual situation, and his solution is absolutely ingenious. The last line made me laugh out loud!

A parking attendant is writing a ticket for a car that is parked illegally.

A London traffic warden, who is not related to the story.

Spots a strange note

He takes out his pen and pad, and starts writing down the car’s license number. But then he suddenly spots a small note on the windshield:

“Please don’t give us a ticket,” the note said. “We’re getting married at City Hall, and we’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”

The parking attendant puts away his pen and sighs, “Oh well. Why should I punish them with a ticket, when they’re already facing a life sentence?”

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