Mischievous dog thinks she can hide from owner, now watch carefully as he calls the pup’s name

Dogs just love playing around outside. There, they can really stretch their legs and sprint around for all they’re worth. I love watching dogs give their all while chasing balls, fetching sticks or just messing around out in nature without a leash.

However, getting them to stop playing and make them come inside the house can be quite a challenge. Some dogs are simply stubborn, and will do anything to stay outside.

Dog owner Joao Zeverino knows first-hand how hard it can be to convince dogs to come inside after playtime.

In the clip below, Joao filmed himself calling for his dog Tasha, who is out in the yard. However, as soon as he opens the door and calls for the dog, the mischievous pup dives for cover.

But the owner knows exactly where she’s “hiding”, and the whole thing is just absolutely adorable. As soon as Joao closes the door, the dog’s head shoots up.

This playful dog would be great at hide and seek! Now watch the clip below – I can’t stop laughing as Tasha thinks she’s fooled her owner again and again. What a cute little rascal!

So that’s where he was hiding!

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