Rude mounted cop gives traffic ticket to 5 year old girl, her clever comeback makes him lost for words

When I was young, our small town had a traffic cop that we used to call “Stickler Stanley”. He was one of those people who would never drink on the 4th of July, and was always early for work even when he had the day off, just to be able to go out and hunt for traffic violations.

He definitely made the roads in my town a bit safer, but that was hard to appreciate when he was pulling you over for going 2 mph above the speed limit.

The rude officer in this story is just like Stickler Stanley. And I wish I was as clever as this little girl who had a hilarious comeback ready for him!

5 year old Emma had wanted a bicycle for months, and she was overjoyed when she got a brand new blue one for Christmas.

Little Emma was a quick learner, and soon she was biking along without having to use training wheels. She spent much of her time racing up and down her street, but she soon got bored of biking in the same place over and over, so she decided to out and explore the neighborhood.

After a few minutes of cycling, she was surprised to see a cop riding on a towering horse. She loved horses, so she biked up to the police officer and said hi.

Not the reply he was expecting

The cop on the horse raised his eyebrows, leaned down and asked Emma, “That’s a nice bike you’ve got there. Did Santa get you that?”

“Yes,” Emma replied proudly.

The cop frowned and said, “Well, tell him to put a reflector light on it next year!”

He took out his notebook and handed her a traffic ticket for $5.

Emma examined the ticket for a few seconds, and then looked up at the cop and said, “That’s a nice horse you’ve got there, did Santa get you that?”

The cop chuckled and replied, “He sure did!”

“Well,” she said, “next year tell Santa that the d*ck goes under the horse, not on top of it!”

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