13 rowdy children who cut their hair by themselves

Children are wonderful, but also quite unpredictable, often creating chaos at home. You never know what they are thinking, so it’s normal for adults to be on guard.

Of course, we always try to keep them away from sharp and potentially dangerous objects – from a safety point of view.

Therefore, here an amazing list of 13 examples that show why parents shouldn’t leave kids alone with things that they can cut their hair with – like scissors. Things can get really, really bad! (hilarious).

Children are always beautiful, no matter what, but these kids are definitely not future hairdressers!

1. He just wanted to look nice for the girls…

 Bildkälla: Twitter

2. Call the hairdresser! Now!

Call the hairdresser! Now!Image Source: Providr

3. At least, this brother and sister share the same style!

4. He found dad’s trimmer and decided to trim his eyebrows…

5. He wanted trim his eyebrows for the school picture, but he cut too much. Easy, just cut your hair and glue it on instead…

6. “It’s not what I expected”

Image Source: Imgur

7. OMG!

Image Source: Instagram

8. At least he looks happy!

Image Source: Providr

9. Two words – absolute chaos!

Image Source: Providr

10. Is that a bald spot? No, just a very bad haircut!

11. Poor kid is dying inside!

Image Source: Providr

12. She’ll just have to wear it for a few months!

Image Source: Providr

13. Neat and ready for school picture tomorrow?

Image Source: reddit

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