15 penis-inspired Christmas gifts: We all know someone who needs these!

I don’t particularly like to look at penises. You treasure your own, that‘s natural — but although the human body is a fantastic thing, some parts of it are better off hidden by clothes.

However, there are people who seem to be obsessed with the intimate parts of the body. There are vaginas here and there, dicks everywhere, breasts and butts as far as the eye can see. I think we all know what I’m talking about.

It‘s mostly funny or ridiculous, but still, they seem to bring out strong feelings in us. For example, I wonder if some readers will get angry at us after reading this article.

To each his own, but I’m still gonna have fun laughing at these pictures!

So, since Christmas is coming, I found on the site someecards over 15 penis-inspired products, which your friends I’m sure would be happy to have. To be honest they are funny and cute — you might want to try them yourself.

The goods are from Amazon.com, so just click on them if you are interested in buying!

1. Time to bake some penis… I mean cookies.

Cookie penis shape

2. Feel what it’s like to be a dick-face this Christmas!

3. This ice-weiners would go great in my gin & tonic!

4. Celebrate the New Year — have a giant inflatable penis-balloon strapped to your waist!

5. …This one is actually quite cute!

6. Now you can literally make your friends eat a Bag of Dicks!

7. These earrings will show your friends how much you know them.


9. Penis-soaps are apparently the latest trend…

10. Do you know someone who would enjoy these lipsticks?

11. Perfect for the couch or the bed! A soft dick to rest on.

12. Okay, I would actually buy this! Imagine the face on your guests after serving them these eggs!

13. Penis-confetti for an extraordinary New Year’s celebration!

14. A giant penis cake mold

15. Slippers again… and these ones have a hard-on! We all know that person who would love a pair for Christmas!

We all have a friend who would love one of these for Christmas! Tag that person or share this article to let them know! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!