17 hilarious quotes from clever kids that will make your day so much better

Children are wonderful, they look at the world differently. They are not shaped by experience yet and therefore are more vulnerable to new experiences and situations. And sometimes it ends in a very pure, but wrong assumption – and that‘s why kids are such a great source of laughter, warmth and sometimes even wisdom.

Aware of this, we have collected 17 wonderful quotes from kids, picked straight from those fantastic little brains! That’s where the real entertainment is! They will try to explain what’s like to be a grandparent – I’m already laughing!

I can guarantee a good giggle after reading these wonderful little thoughts!

1.  “Grandma told me that when she was a little girl, the girls had to sit down and close their legs. But today it’s okay if you also shake your butt a little.” – Tami, 6 years old

2. “My grandma‘s bra is hugeee. It‘s so big that I can get my whole butt in one hole. And in the other, there’s enough space for my little brother.” – Katie, 7 years old

3. “A grandmother is where the whole family comes out from. So is not weird she is a little wrinkly.” – John, 5 years old

Kids and grandma

4. “A grandmother is an old lady that always have candy bags in her pockets.” – Elin, 5 years old

5. “…but the only bags mine has are under the eyes.” – Martha, 6 years old

“Grandfather is dyslexic”

6. “A grandmother is an old lady who has fake teeth and thick thighs. She puts them on the nightstand at night.” – Anna, 6 years old

7. “Grandma doesn’t like sunbathing topless because her boobs are very loose.” – Cristina, 8 years old

8. “Grandpa is dyslexic. Because he only understands words when we scream them in his ear.” – Tara, 7 years old

9. “Grandpa is so old that he no longer remembers why he likes women.” – Thomas, 7 years

Kids and grandma 2

10. “A mother-in-law is your punishment for marrying someone you don’t know.” – Chris, 7 years

11. “Mom said grandpa is stuck in the ‘Panic Age’.” – Matthew, 9 years old

Children also have a lot to say about the body!

12. “Dads have more body parts on the front.” – Julia, 6 years old

“Many kinds of skin”

13. “A body is something that runs out of shoes.” – Ella, 5 years old

14. “If you open your eyes and it‘s black, then you are unconscious.” – Hilda, 7 years old

Kids and grandma 3

15. “Almost all people have a brain. But those who are a little stupid have a bird brain.” – Tim, 5 years

16. “It is important for the skeleton to get enough calcium and valium so that the teeth can grow and become large and pointy.” – Marcus, 9 years old

17. “There are many kinds of skin. For example, the foreskin is the skin that you have at the front while the back skin is the skin that you have on the back.” – Therese, 6 years old

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