17 priceless solutions to everyday problems that will change your life within 1 year

There are a lot of small things in our everyday lives that constantly bother us. They may not be huge problems, but with some small technological fixes, we could all improve our quality of life. The solutions might not even be that hard to implement – the hard things is thinking of them in the first place!

We’ve compiled 17 ingenious solutions to common everyday problems. I had no idea that these amazing things existed, but they’re so smart that I hope we get them over here in the near future. Some of these deserve a Nobel prize!

1. In Tokyo, you can recycle plastic bottles to pay for your subway ticket!

2. This store lets you choose if you want help from the staff

3. This bench can be rotated after rainfall for a dry seat

4. We’ve all hung bags on our chairs, only to have them slide off and hit the floor. This smart chair fixes all that!

5. This avocado tells you if it’s ripe or not!

6. This winter simulator lets you test winter clothing in freezing temperatures!

7. This bin lets you vote with cigarette butts…

8. Elevator buttons at foot level, in case you have your hands full…

I need number 15!

9. You can be stuck at airports for hours, sometimes even days. This pet relief station is a great idea!

10. This school desk has pedals – perfect for kids that can’t sit still!

11. A pool exit ramp for frogs – good for the frogs AND the pool!

12. This tie has microfiber lining so that you can clean your glasses or phone screen!

13. Drinking fountain for humans and dogs alike!

14. This toilet roll has a smaller roll inside – perfect for traveling or for emergencies!

15. This ATM lets you choose your bills!

16. This car won’t let you listen to the radio unless everyone buckles up first

17. This trash bin has a holder for bottles and cans – no need for people to rummage around the trash in order to collect the deposit!

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