19 idiots who should be looking for another job – number 14 made me cringe so hard

No matter what you do for a living, some parts of a job are more complicated than others.

If something goes wrong on a complicated task, it’s fine as long as you learn from it. But if mistakes are made on the simplest of tasks, people won’t be as understanding. If anything, is amazing to see people screwing up with things a child could do easily. There sure are idiots everywhere.

With that in mind, here are 19 idiots’ miserable attempts at completing simple tasks. How did things end up like this?

1. At least you can flush the toilet and wash your hands at the same time… right?

Idiots job 01

2. “Ah yes, where you see a shitty drawer, I see a challenge!”

Idiots job 02

3. A DIY anti-earthquake system for your home!

4. Did they think the train operator was a wizard?

5. An accurate representation of our political system

Idiots job 04

6. There was clearly something else on the mind of the person who trimmed this tree…

7. When someone says nothing can be “too safe,” show them this door

8. Finger puppets! With a phallic touch…

9. The driest drainage in the world!

Idiots job 09

10. Safest slide ever

Idiots job 10

11. For those who like to put their feet on the chair!

12. “Our door might not be the safest, but it sure is the toughest.”

Idiots job 12

13. “No one tells me where to plant the trees!”

14. You literally had 1 job!

Idiots job 14

15. When you let idiots design a t-shirt

Idiots job 15

16. An unexpected surprise when it’s raining.

17. All species must survive, so let’s bring two MALE lions aboard the Ark.

18. Left, right, pretty simple job… right?

19. “Mom, I’m going to the playground!”

“Okay, sweetie, play safe!”

Idiots job 19

These pictures are hilarious! I will never understand how things can go so wrong!

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