Doctors warn: 7 important reasons why you should never pee standing up

Going to the bathroom might not be the hottest topic of conversation with your friends or coworkers. However, it is one of the most natural things in the world when you think about it. The body must get rid of the waste once it consumes the resources it needs.

The way you use the bathroom is, of course, up to you. Still, we all have that friend that needs to re-learn their public bathroom etiquette.

We’ve all come across a toilet in such poor condition that we’d rather risk soiling ourselves – honestly, guys must learn to pee while sitting down, for everyone’s sake.

However, it turns out that it is also good for your health – below, you’ll find the 7 reasons why men should pee while sitting down!

1. Hygiene in the bathroom

No one – absolutely no one – wants to sit in someone’s old urine. No matter how good your “aim” is, it is impossible not to splash all over the toilet.

For the sake of those using the restroom after you: sit down!

2. Easier to empty the bladder

It is merely more manageable for the body to empty the bladder in a sitting position. The pressure on the bladder becomes stronger, which makes it easier to empty it completely.

This will help you avoid going to the bathroom every 15 minutes while drinking with your friends.

3. You can check your phone while you pee

Just like when you poop, you get a perfect moment to take a break and catch up with social media or maybe solve a quick brainteaser.

If you are at work, you are basically being paid to do so – a win-win!

sit when you pee
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4. A more convenient way to pee

What is comfier: to be sitting down or standing? The answer to that question can only be one, and we all know it is the first option.

Sure, it may take a few seconds longer, but it’s definitely more convenient. Embrace your inner laziness and rest!

5. Good for your health

40% of all men over the age of 50 have an enlarged prostate, making it harder to urinate standing up.

“If more men sat down to pee, urologists would receive fewer patient visits,” Fred Helgesen, founder of Prostata Scandinavia, told the Swedish news site Dalarnas Tidningar.

6. You don’t have to move the seat

This constant debate of lifting up and putting down the toilet seat could easily be avoided if everyone just sat down to do their thing.

Women sit down both for urination and defecation, while men already poop sitting down anyway. Why can they not just sit down as well when they pee then?

use the bathroom the correct way
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7. Better sex life

Getting as much pee out as possible when going to the toilet is good for the prostate, as mentioned above.

A healthy prostate also gives you a better sex life, and who doesn’t want that?

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