Only clever can pass this test: How many matches can you find in this picture?

Puzzles, time challenges, or riddles, there are all kind of brainteasers out there. We need to challenge our minds regularly to keep them alert and sharp.

Just as the body stays in shape through jogging, cycling, or taking a walk every now and then, the brain also requires activities to remain healthy.

However, the source of exercise is quite important. Brainteasers allow the mind to train differently than when you are rushing through everyday responsibilities like your job, house chores, or studying.

There are plenty of challenges online if you look around. Lately, it seems to have become very popular to challenge your friends on social media to see who can solve them first.

It also makes it a bit more fun – we humans are very competitive by nature, and beating friends and family comes with a good dose of dopamine.

How many matches can you see?

Here comes today’s challenge. Below we can see a picture of a lighter and a bunch of matches.

But how many matches are actually there?

Opinions about how many matches actually are in the picture are quite divided. The fact, however, is that there is a right answer.

How many matches can you find?

A little clue: keep in mind the reflection from the lighter.

The correct solution

Do you have your answer ready? Then check if you are correct under the next picture.

Image source: Pexels

Here is the correct answer.

Eight matches! Not an easy find, right?

Did you get it right? Congratulations then, excellent work!

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