Here is the invention for those tired of stubbing their toes

Anyone who has tried to fetch water in the middle of the night knows the pain of stubbing your pinky toe on the corner of the bed.

Some say it hurts more than stepping on a piece of Lego.

Now, however, someone has finally invented the perfect solution for this.

Allow us to present: The StubStoppers™️.

The creator of this revolutionary product is Matt Benedetto. These toe helmets have already gotten thousands of people ready to buy.

However, Matt has a pretty special niche with his inventions. He only develops products that you never knew you needed, or perhaps what some would call unnecessary.

On his website, Unnecessary Inventions, he presents his creations and there are a lot of excellent items besides The StubStoppers™️.

For example, how about these Crocs Gloves™️?

For the ice cream lover in a hurry, the RightRound Cone™️

An invention that unfolds your clothes… Practical!

If you love being barefoot without being judged, these are for you. If only Steve Jobs was still alive…

A comb for those who like to rub their fingers through their hair…

A fanny pack for pizza slices – to be always pizza-ready

You will probably see this invention rolling around NYC pretty soon. A computer table for electric scooters

A spoon that automatically cools your soup

This one is actually not that stupid. A hanger for your smartphone

An umbrella that hovers over the user with the help of a drone

And perhaps the most needed invention of this era. The RealityCheker5000! It shows how many people in the world do NOT follow you on Instagram. A perfect gift for your loved ones who need… a reality check

Feel free to share if these inventions put a smile in your face!