These 17 photos will make you lose all hope in humanity

Sometimes people are just downright stupid. You can notice it in where some things are placed, or how they are designed.

Sometimes you can barely believe your own eyes when you see someone really screw up. We’ve compiled 17 photos of people doing just that – and they will definitely make you lose faith in humanity!

These are so hysterically stupid that I’m simply lost for words – but I can’t deny that they’re funny as heck!

1. I’m sure this crosswalk was really needed…

2. You shall not pass!

3. Not a very extensive extension cord…

4. Hmm…

5. I may not have a rear windshield, but it’s the principle that counts!

6. Thank God this door was here to let me through…

7. Toilet stalls for exhibitionists…

8. A camouflaged golf ball… There might be a reason why they’re usually white?!?

9. Not exactly a handicap-friendly toilet, is it?

10. At least nobody will snoop around in my kitchen drawers…

11. “I feel much safer after getting a peephole…”

12. If you thought parking was hard, try using these spots!

13. Someone must have been fired over this…

14. What were they thinking?

15. Just how? How did anyone think this was a good idea?


16. “I just want a short driveway…”

17. “Just dive in by the left ball…”


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