23 rare photos that prove pets can sleep just about everywhere

23 rare photos that prove pets can sleep just about everywhere

There’s never a dull moment when you have a dog or a cat in the house. Even more so when you’ve got both – pets can really liven up a place. They often become one of the family, and are a constant source of happiness, love and laughter.

But after all the playing, running and eating, you need to rest and charge your batteries – something our furry friends are experts at. They can fall asleep just about anywhere, and they’re not picky when it comes to sleeping spots.

If you gotta rest, then you gotta rest: end of. Myself, I can’t catch any sleep unless I’m on a soft bed.

We’ve compiled 23 wonderful photos which reveal that pets can sleep just about anywhere! I had never seen these pictures before!

Caution: cuteness ahead!

1. Everyone deserves a soft mattress after a hard day’s work!

2. Not sure how the little cutie managed this feat…

3. There’s nothing quite like a butt nap!

4. Zzzzzzzzz…

5. When you’re so small you can fit in a baseball glove

6. Apparently butts are popular pillows in the animal kingdom!

7. “Beggars can’t be choosers”

8. But this does look a bit cramped…

9. Snug and cozy!

10. Buddy, are you sure that’s the most comfortable pillow you found?

11. “Oh, you want to use the grill? Just give me 2 more hours.”

12. Awww!

13. When you fall asleep while studying

14. Hahaha!

15. What a lil’ cutie! A real-life Puss in Boots!

116. Finding a fox on your wiper is so much better than finding a ticket!

17. “Carry on working, I’ll just close my eyes for a few seconds.”

18. He was heading for his dog bed, but fell asleep on the way…

19. Shopping can be exhausting – I feel you, doggo…

20. “My new favorite bed”

21. “This is my sleeping corner”

22. Look at him! So darn cute!

23. “My favorite duvet? Max, of course!”

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