26-yr-old undergoes 20 surgeries to get ”the perfect body” – now has dentures and “a second skin”

Lately, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly common, at least it’s what it feels like, maybe because there are many people ready to post everything that happens around them on social media.

Of course, it‘s good that cosmetic procedures are becoming more accessible, it allows anyone to restore their image after an accident or to remove a birth defect limiting their social life – but some people, like always, take this appearance adjusting opportunity to absurdly irrational levels.

It’s up to each individual, it would be wrong to judge these people – but at the same time, I would never “put myself under the knife” if it wasn‘t absolutely necessary.

Aleira Avendano, a 26-year-old Venezuelan model, wears a corset 23 hours a day and has undergone way too many plastic surgeries – but now she’s convinced that she’s got “the perfect body”, wrote the site America Now.

“Every woman should have plastic surgery if they want to be truly beautiful,” she told the Daily Mail.

Ignores her doctors’ warnings

She’s been wearing a corset every day for the past six years and she calls it her “second skin”. Despite the constant warnings from her doctors, the 26-year-old refuses to stop wearing it.

“I love the feeling of pressure and only take it off for an hour a day to rest and to wash myself,” she said, according to America Now.

surgeries model

Avendano also said strangers usually stare at her in the street. Unsurprisingly, some people can’t believe she’s real.

She admitted to getting both adulation and criticism whenever she hits the streets – with people even comparing her to an alien, according to The Mirror.

surgeries model

Parallel to using a corset to reduce her waist, the model relies on a strict diet. It includes tiny portions of egg whites, lots of fruit and a little bit of meat.

Removed all her teeth

In total, Avendano has undergone around 20 plastic surgeries. These include four breast enlargements, two nasal corrections, an abdominal surgery, three butt implants, a forehead lift, and liposuction.

She also had her real teeth removed and replaced them with fake dentures to have a “perfect smile”, reports the Daily Mail.

model surgeries

Regardless of the immense cost – of both health and money – the Venezuelan swears that her appearance modifications are the best thing that happened to her. One day, the 26-year-old hopes to be famous worldwide thanks to her “perfect body”.

What do you think of Aleira’s life choices? Is she doing the right thing by following her dreams, or is this madness? 

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