Researchers confirm: Babysitting your grandchildren makes you live longer

“Grandkids are god’s gift for not killing your children,” this old saying is not meant to be taken seriously. However, we can agree that it’s an amazing experience to be a grandparent.

The first time my daughter told me she and her husband were pregnant, I was so happy that I couldn’t wait — Caring for that little boy was like watching myself grow up.

Loving your children and grandkids comes naturally. It’s fun to be a part of their everyday lives, even at old age — and as long as I can keep up with their pace, I’m always going to insist on babysitting my grandchildren when I have the opportunity.

More importantly, there is an interesting research for all the grandparents out there. A report from Evolution and Human Behavior, which has taken data from the Berlin Aging Study, claims that babysitting leads to a longer life.

Babysitting can increase your lifespan

The survey was conducted on 500 people older than 70 years. Those who routinely took care of a child had a lower risk of dying over a 20-year period compared to those who didn’t. In other words, child-caring can increase your lifespan!

Babysitting makes you live longer
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However, it should be mentioned that no one in the primary care of the child was included — the study only covered people who babysat periodically.

“There is a link between taking care of someone and reducing our overall stress levels,” said Dr. Ronan Factora at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, according to Shareably.

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He also emphasizes that other factors, such as socializing with friends and keeping physically active, are even more important in achieving a long and happy life as we grow older.

Happiness heals the body

Even though you may not work anymore, responsibility is important and feeling needed makes us happy, Ronan Factora points out. Babysitting is a great way to maintain those feelings.

Live longer

It doesn’t surprise me! When I’m with my grandchildren, I feel younger, warmer and happier. I believe many of you are the same!

But certainly, It’s a great piece of information! Press the share button if you agree so that more grandparents out there know!