Do you get randy or drunk regularly? Then expect many mosquito bites this summer

The American summer is one of the finest things there is! The sun is shining, happiness is in the air and the evenings keep getting longer and longer. But there are, like always, things to worry about. One of the worst party poopers in the summer is those damned mosquitoes.

Wherever you go, you can count on it itching all over after spending an evening outdoors.

But have you noticed that some of us get bitten more than the rest? Why does that happen?

According to the Swedish website MåBra, it may be because you are drunk or horny.

Are you one of those who mosquitoes always bite all over the body as soon as they set foot outside the door during the summer? There is a natural explanation, mosquitoes are smarter than they look.

More drawn to horny and drunk people

Mosquitoes choose their target based on certain characteristics in human beings, for example, their smell.

When we get sexually aroused, our bodies secrete pheromones to attract potential partners. Unfortunately, it also attracts mosquitoes, they are good at picking up these kinds of scents.

Mosquitoes are also very quick at picking up the scent of alcohol, so enjoying a cold beer on the patio becomes quite risky.

Image source: Pixnio

Avoid dark clothes

Some other things to avoid if you don’t want to get mosquito bites are:

Heavy Breathing: Mosquitoes can feel the smell of carbon dioxide at a distance of 50 meters so avoid heavy breathing. If you train, you run an even higher risk since mosquitoes are drawn to the lactic acid in our sweat.

Dark Clothes: Those who like to dress in dark clothes, despite the summer, can count on a lot of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors such as navy blue, wine red or black.

You learn something new every day – this explains a lot if you ask me!

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