Finally: The dream job is here – get paid to eat chocolate

Are you alone in the office while everyone else is on vacation? Do you ever dream of working doing something that you really love?

Then it may be time to dust off and polish your CV, especially if you are a chocolate lover.

Now there is a job that consists off eating as much chocolate as you can – reports the British site Lancashire Evening Post.

Laying on the couch, while indulging with a bit of chocolate in front of the TV, is something many of us look forward to during our free days. After working a week, you need some rest to recharge your batteries, and what better to top it off than a bite of delicious chocolate.

However, what if I said that you can get paid for stuffing your face full of chocolate – as a professional chocolate taster.

Requirement: Good taste buds

The company Mars Wrigley, which, among other things, manufactures Mars, Snickers, and Milky Way, are now hiring a team of interns to taste their chocolate lineup.

The requirement to get the job is to have “good taste buds” and like chocolate.

The interview itself will involve – you guessed it – tasting different chocolates and reviewing them based on different criteria.

chocolate taster
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Train your taste for six months

If you are selected for the job, you must undergo a taste training for half a year before you can eat chocolate full time.

The salary then? It’s around £10 ( $12,50) according to the job posting, so it won’t make your rich. On the other hand, think of the money you’ll save on chocolate.

For the eight lucky people who get the job, before they can work at Mars Wrigley’s head office in Slough, England; they need to finish the six months of training. After that, is full-time chocolate tasting.

If you want to apply for the job, you can see it here.

chocolate job
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Oh, so exciting! – does it even count as a job?

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