Researchers confirm: The miracle cure to avoid a cold this winter – gin and tonic

The first cold days arrive during fall. A runny nose, numb hands, cough, and a sore throat become part of everyday life. Long gone is the hot and beautiful summer.

But there’s a trick to get rid of these problems – and it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

A strong autumn cold can really put you in the spot. Everything get’s heavier and you feel powerless – but there is a solution, writes The Independent.

Low levels of histamine

Compared to other alcoholic beverages that are colored, such as whiskey, red wine, and beer, gin has very low levels of histamine, which acts as a trigger for allergies.

Gin is therefore preferable if you are out for that evening drink, according to the British asthma association.

Magic Cure Gin and Tonic

Thanks to the distillation

It’s the manufacturing process of gin, more specifically the distillation, which gives gin its low histamine levels.

Gin also contains low sulfite levels, another “cold villain” that is particularly difficult for asthmatics.

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