Lack of poop donors – get paid $40 a "load"

Lack of poop donors – get paid $40 a “load”

Everyone poops – although some people act like they never do.

However, it’s quite natural and during a lifetime people spend on average 213 days, or 7 months, on the toilet doing a number two.

Since you are gonna do it anyway, wouldn’t it be great if you could make money out of it – by selling your “poops”?

Well, according to the Washington Post, you can.

Turd, Shit, Poop, doing a number two. The act has many names – but what many people don’t know is that they can earn quite a bit of money selling their poop to help people in need.

Bonus for pooping 5 days a week

The company OpenBiome, pays $40 per sample and grants a bonus of $50 if you donate five days a week. In total, we are talking of $250 a week. That’s potentially $13,000 a year!

What’s it for? Well, I’m glad you asked. It actually saves lives!

“Helps three to four patients at a time”

They can cure people suffering from Clostridium difficile. This disease can cause severe diarrhea, which makes it difficult to leave home.

There are antibiotics for Clostridium Difficile but usually, the bacteria comes back as soon as the treatment stops – however, if you get good bacteria from another person’s fecal matter into your system, you can be healed completely.

This can be done via endoscopy, nasal tubes, or swallowed capsules.

“We get most of our donors to come in three or four times a week, which is pretty awesome! You’re usually helping three or four patients out with each sample, and we keep track of that and let you know,” said Dr. Mark Smith, co-founder of OpenBiome to the Washington Post.

Not a simple process

However, it is not so simple to become a poop donor – you have to be completely healthy and allergy-free.

“It’s harder to become a donor than it is to get into MIT.” joked co-founder Mark Smith. Out of the 1,000 applicants, only 4% has passed the extensive testing and medical questioning.

Right now, stool transplants are only used to cure the disease Clostridium Difficile, but there are several trials on different possible treatments that OpenBiome is providing samples for.

“There’s a lot of promise in other conditions,” Smith said, “But also a lot of hype. Treating C. difficile is a bit less sexy, but that’s the one area where we know this works.”

“I never thought that after getting my PhD I’d start mailing poop around,” he said, “But here I am.”

What great news! – to get paid for something you would do often anyway!

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