Research confirms: Having stains on your clothes is a sign of very high intelligence

Research confirms: Having stains on your clothes is a sign of very high intelligence

Do you have trouble eating a meal without spilling part of it on your clothes? Do you often get “tips” of your friends to always use a bib when you are in a restaurant?

Then congratulations are in place — you’re probably very intelligent, writes The Independent.

Do you worry about that white shirt when spaghetti and meat sauce are on the menu? Do you often find yourself trying to avoid stains on your clothes? And even after doing your best, you still find yourself later with a damp napkin rubbing that pesky stain?

It could be due to high intelligence

Your stained clothes could make other people think you’re just a little clumsy — the truth, however, is that it could be a sign of high intelligence.

Each time you take a bite or drink something, the brain tries to estimate the amount of food or liquid that will enter the mouth, thus deciding the right angle of the glass, how open the mouth should be, and so on. This is called Feedforward.

People who have problems keeping their clothes clean during a meal could be smarter than those who don’t. Because their minds are focused on something more important, a conversation, or the solution for a work problem, instead of how much food is going into their mouths.

Stains mean you have a high intelligence

Intelligence and sloppiness go hand in hand

According to the author Steve Johnson, sloppiness goes hand in hand with intelligence. This is because the number of thoughts and ideas is simply higher, and thus more difficult to keep track of.

“The more unorganized your brain is, the more intelligent you are,” he told The Independent.

So if you have a hard time avoiding stained clothes, think about the fact that you are very smart!

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