Science confirms: Men with beards are happier, healthier and better looking

Good news for all my bearded brothers! A study has revealed the benefits of having large amounts of facial hair.

Researchers from Australia have previously stated that men with beards are more attractive – although that study can be somewhat subjective.


Sun protection factor of 21

But there are advantages, other than good looks. Researchers at the University of Queensland discovered that a beard will rise the protection on the face against dangerous UV rays by up to 95% – which corresponds to a sun protection factor of 21.

The leading researcher, Professor Alfio Parisi, explained the finds:

“While beards will never be as sun-safe as sunscreen, they certainly are a factor in blocking UV rays,” he said according to The Independent.

Not just good looks

But the benefits do not end with sun protection and good looks.

Increased sunscreen protection also means that the skin ages slower. So if you are rocking a beard, you will look young and healthy for longer!

Plus, it means a reduced risk of skin cancer. Which never hurts to have.


“Sun exposure is the primary cause of photo-aging and skin damage so it makes sense that if your face is covered by a heavy beard, it may well protect your skin from the signs of aging,” said dermatologist Adam Friedman to The Independent.

Dr. Friedman believes, however, that we do not have to be too depressed if we can’t grow a beard. Since our head’s hair has the same sun-protecting effect.

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