Researchers confirm: Being tired in the morning is a sign of very high intelligence

Do you have trouble getting up in the mornings and keep snoozing the alarm? Then you should be happy, according to researchers, morning fatigue can be a sign of high intelligence.
The study shows that people with higher IQ prefer to go to bed late at night and get up later in the mornings compared to other people, according to Aftonbladet.

The researchers behind the study, Kaja Perina and Satoshi Kanazawa claim their results have shown that night owls are often more intelligent than early birds.

Staying up past midnight

The study shows that people with higher intelligence are more likely to be night people – they both fall asleep and wake up later. Those with the highest IQ do not go to sleep before the clock reaches midnight, on average at 00.29 to be exact.

Tired in the morning means you have high intelligence
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A natural explanation

According to research, the explanation lies in human evolution. Before we had electricity, our sleep schedule depended on the natural light that came from the sun.

We used to get up at dawn and go to bed at dusk. But since the introduction of electricity, we have been able to ignore these rules and stay up longer, and only the most intelligent can evolve and adapt to the new possibilities.

That said, you should take this kind of research with a pinch of salt, but for me, who loves to sleep in the morning, this is great news!

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